VDE Certification
>Steady state heat moisture test
>Self-healing testing
2. Power electronic capacitor
>Steady state heat moisture test
>Endurance test

>spontaneous combustion test
>Pulse voltage test

>Pulse voltage test

· Main test terms for IEC/EN 60384-14

Test object:

  • Safety capacitor (X1, X2, Y1, Y2)
  • Tradition (picture)
  • SMD patch (picture)
  • Tandem (picture)

Testing content:

  • Pulse test before endurance test
  • Spontaneous combustion test
  • Flame retardancy test
  • Steady state heat moisture test
  • Durability test
  • insulation resistance

1. EMI capacitor

· Main test terms for EN 60252-1

Test object:

  • Motor starting capacitor,
  • Motor running capacitors, such as CBB60, CBB65...

Testing content:

  • Hygrothermal test
  • Durability test
  • Self healing test
  • Destructive test

Motor capacitor operating level: 1000H; 3000H; 10000H; 30000H

Motor capacitor explosion-proof grade division: S0; S1; S2; S3

S0: this class of capacitors does not have specialized fail protection (previously coded as P0)

S1: the capacitor is short circuited or open when it fails, and has fire protection or explosion protection (previously coded as P1)

S2: the capacitor is only in open circuit when it fails and has fire protection or explosion protection (previously coded as P2)

S3: the metal subdivision capacitor has a low residual electrical capacity (1% of the rated capacitance CN) when it fails and has a fireproof or explosion-proof protection

>Flame retardant test

>Durability testing
>Rated value under rated voltage
>Destructive testing

· Standard: EN 61071

Used in photovoltaic, wind power, electric vehicle drive motor 

systems, rail vehicles, rolling stock equipment

Testing content:

  • Tightness test
  • Curve discharge test
  • Steady-state test
  • Self healing test
  • Durability test
  • Destructive test
3. the power capacitor

·  Standard: EN 60831

Test object:

  • Power capacitor

Testing content:

  • Self healing test
  • Discharge test
  • Durability test
  • Destructive test
4. filter capacitor

· Standard:

IEC 60939-2

EN 60939-2

VDE 0565 Part 3-1

Fixed resistance

· Standard: DIN EN 60065 (VDE 0860)

General product specification:

0,5 W; 1,0 W; 2,0 W

0,22, Ohm, bis/to, 47,0, Ohm