International certification
India BIS certification

Introduction of India BIS certification products regulatory body

India products certification authority for the India Bureau of standards

 (BIS:Bureau of Indian Standards), which is responsible for the formulation of 

standards and product certification in India.

Authentication mode

BIS product certification, through the factory quality management system for the first time inspection and evaluation, sample testing, confirmed after qualification certification, certification by the factory quality management system supervision. Check samples from factories and markets to determine if the product is consistent with the India standard.

Authentication process

  • Apply。 Foreign manufacturers wishing to obtain BIS certification generally need to use a special application and prepare relevant documents to apply to the BIS New Delhi headquarters.
  • Record。 BIS shall examine the application documents and materials submitted by the applicants for examination, and if the formalities are complete, the application shall be recorded. Applicants are required to pay corresponding processing fees.
  • Initial factory inspection. BIS will send no more than 2 officials to inspect the factory. The applicant shall bear the travel, visa fees, expenses and the corresponding inspection costs of the official group's inspection at the factory.
  • Issue a certificate. If the initial inspection and test results are qualified, and the applicant agrees to carry out the BIS approved inspection and test program after certification and pays the BIS identification fee, the applicant may issue a certificate.
  • Post certification supervision. BIS monitors the quality of certified products by routine inspections of witnesses and raids and tests on samples from factories and markets.