VDE Suzhou Laboratory

VDE rooted in the Chinese market, in order to better serve the vast number of Chinese customers, VDE Suzhou Branch was established in 2009.

VDE Suzhou Branch is the test center for installing products and wires in Greater China. The company is located in the beautiful Suzhou Industrial Park and has hundreds of VDE customers within 150km.

Since the establishment of the company, VDE Germany headquarters as a strong technical backing, relying on a number of senior VDE experts and engineers in China, combined with our professional sales and customer service, customers in China can provide efficient and quality localization testing services and Other consulting services. We are your best partner in product testing and certification!

VDE Suzhou laboratory - major test products
With double earthing piece, removable plug
Multi function plug converter
Appliance input socket
Interconnecting wire assemblies
Multi station socket
Connection component
HAR coordination cable
Automotive cable
Heating element
VDE Suzhou laboratory - major test items and equipment
Chemistry and environmental testing
  • Aging test;
  • Moisture proof test;
  • Oil resistance;
  • Acid resistant;
  • Thermal stability test;
  • Glow test;
  • Thermal elongation test;
  • Low temperature impact test;
Mechanical and thermal tests
  • Temperature rise test;
  • Sectional capacity and normal operation test;
  • Tensile strength and fracture elongation test;
  • Abrasion test;
  • Bend test;
  • Torque test;
  • Tumble test;
Electrical performance test
  • Insulation resistance test;
  • Insulation volume resistance coefficient test;
  • Withstanding voltage test;
  • Rated power;
  • Pulse voltage test;
  • Conductor resistance test;
VDE Suzhou laboratory - service category
    VDE Suzhou lab commissioned by VDE-I to complete the relevant tests:
  • VDE and VDE GS certification test;
  • CB certification test (after obtaining CBTL qualification);
  • Spot Check / Pre-shipment Test (inspection);
  • Surveillance Test (HAR coordination wire).

VDE Suzhou labs provides business commissioning testing services:

  • INST: household plug & socket, extension wire, converter, home wire, household appliance coupler;
  • CABL:PVC wires, cars, wires;
  • Material: hot wire, ball pressure test.

The VDE Suzhou laboratory also provides technical training and advisory services:

  • Technical guidance and training on product testing;
  • According to ISO/IEC 17025 lab management guidance and training;
  • Small customer exchange;
  • Large technical seminar;
  • Technical support during product development phase or when testing defect occurs;
  • Assist customers to improve VDE product technical records and management;
  • Be entrusted by customers and regularly follow up the quality of their products to ensure the validity of VDE certificates.