VDE Certification

VDE Greater China

VDE Greater China - gather first-hand information and local advantages.

VDE Global Services in China set up many branches, which has independent management of the branch or partner laboratory. From product development, factory manufacturing to market sales, we provide you with the technical advice of the authoritative experts and one-stop service for the safety and quality for your products.

Our advantage

• Enter in the European market with high quality signs

• Asian affiliates and laboratories provide you with local services

• First-hand international standards knowledge and professional testing techniques prepare for you

• National security signs and indispensable CE markings

Authoritative neutral testing let you enter in the market with a short time

Our service system

• Household electronic products

• Lighting device

• Household and commercial electrical equipment and systems

Electrical tools

• Electrical installation of the product

• Electrical and electronic components

• Transformers and power supply equipment

• Cables and wires include plugs

Information Technology


• Photovoltaic systems


Introduction to VDE

VDE full name is Verband der Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik eV, which means the German Electrical and Electronic Information Technology Association, founded in 1893, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. VDE is one of Europe and the world reputable certification, but also product testing laboratories and technical research Center, directly involved in the development of German national standards. VDE Testing and Certification Institute (VDE Testing and Certification Institute), under the German Electrical, Electronic Information Technology Association, headquartered in Offenbach, Germany.  Specializing in product testing, product certification, international standards (IEC, CENELEC) and related knowledge in electrical Engineering, electronics industry, information technology, microelectronics engineering, nanotechnology and medical engineering and other fields. As a neutral and independent organization, VDE has accomplished tens of thousands of certified projects each year for thousands of German companies and other countries. So far, the world has nearly 50 countries, 200,000 kinds of electrical products has obtained VDE logo.

VDE has a wide range of testing and certification services, covering electrical and electronic components, light and lighting equipment, electronic consumer products, information technology, audio and video equipment, home appliances, power tools and garden tools, solar products, fuel cells, batteries, industrial engineering, Medical equipment, automotive electronics, installation technology, wire and cable.

VDE logo in the electrical and electronics industry filed has an excellent international reputation in Europe and the world's manufacturers, wholesalers and the official have a high degree of recognition. Being recognized and trusted by the majority of importers and exporters .