International certification
South Africa SABS certification

South Africa National Bureau of standards (South African Bureau of Standards, SABS) is based on 1945 promulgated the "national standard law" established, belonging to the South African Department of trade and industry agencies. SABS certification is widely used in chemicals, biological products, fiber products and clothing, machinery products, safety equipment, electrical products, civil and construction and automotive products.

  • Certification in South Africa is divided into two cases:
  • The first application is LOA and COC, which is mandatory for South Africa's import. This certification procedure does not allow the labeling of SABS marks on the product's label. Such applications do not require factory inspection;
  • The second application is the use of base. In the first application can apply again SABS Mark, the use of the logo is the need to go through the formalities of factory inspection, a series of expensive, must pay a certain amount of the annual fee and factory inspection fees as the right to use the mark.​​