International certification
Brazil INMETRO certification

Certification introduction

NMETRO is the national accreditation body (Accreditation Body) of Brazil, which is responsible for the formulation of the Brazil national standards. Most of the product standards in Brazil are based on the IEC and ISO standards. Manufacturers who need to export their products to Brazil should refer to these two standards when designing the product. In line with Brazil standards and other technical requirements of the product, we must add mandatory INMETRO signs and recognized third party certification bodies logo, in order to enter the Brazil market.

Authentication mode

Product type test + factory inspection + after approval supervision and inspection.

Brazil INMETRO certification for product certification, certification procedures, service certification, mandatory product performance verification, supplier statement, mandatory compulsory service performance verification, product labeling, product inspection, inspection and certification services and personnel management system certification of the content. All kinds of certification are divided into two kinds of compulsory and voluntary certification. Products subject to compulsory certification shall, after certification, be accompanied by mandatory INMETRO signs and affixed with the sign of the third party organizations approved by the INMETRO so that they can enter the Brazil market.

Product certification scope of application

Mandatory products include: wires and cables, plugs, sockets, adapters, fixtures, switches, circuit breakers, fuses, electronic ballasts, fluorescent lamps, toys, baby nipples, etc.. Voluntary products include: low-voltage electrical equipment, household appliances, consumer electronics (audio and video products), information technology equipment and lighting fixtures (except fluorescent lamps) and so on.

Certification test process

1) pre project communication, confirm application

2) sample delivery test

3) test and issue test report

4) arrange trial plant

5) assist in the submission of test reports and trial reports to the certification bodies

6) after the examination and approval of the data, the certificate is issued