VDE Certification
VDE professional customization service -- software evaluation service
Software must be secure
When software comes up with security features, we must meet the requirements of IEC/EN 60335 and IEC/EN 60730, and we provide software evaluation including acceptable risks and hazard analysis
Guidance from the source
Based on the "5 level concept", we will guide you from "first thought" to "final product" throughout the process and until the final certification process
Service for efficient products
Example: according to energy saving and noise reduction requirements, high performance drives and motors such as washing machines, dryers and dishwashers are increasingly replacing drive drives. These representative drivers are protected by electronics and software. We have a lot of relevant product and system testing experience, can provide improvement program for your product, in order to make the product more efficient.
Cross sectoral Joint Service
In security related systems, components of different components must achieve common safety with each other: microcontroller, sensor, drive, bus system, motor control panel, etc.. We have extensive experience in testing individual components and systems as a whole, enabling cross department services to provide maximum security for your entire machine.