VDE Certification
Refrigeration product

As a full hundred years of testing and certification services authority, VDE became the European Union and the United States Energy Star and China energy label authorization testing mechanism can provide a global access test for your support, and other aspects of the technical performance and efficiency.
In terms of performance and energy efficiency, VDE can assist your product in meeting all ecological design needs. As the issuing authority and energy related products and regulations approved ", can provide the VDE energy efficiency certificates and heat pump products for your EHPA (European Heat Pump Association) and BAFA/MCS compliance report (EN 14825, EN 14511-1... EN 14511-4) and also provide you with a full range of chemical testing services.
Overview of major product categories:
Air conditioning (flammable and non combustible Refrigerants)
Refrigerators (flammable and non flammable refrigerants)
Air source heat pump, ground source heat pump, water source heat pump, air curtain machine, etc.
Parts for refrigeration products such as door dampers
Compressor, ice cream machine, ice maker, etc.
Key point: heat pump, Quality, tested, mark
Heating products

Overview of major product categories:
  • Warm air blower
  • Electric water heater