VDE Certification
Cleaning products

Most electrical equipment manufacturers rely on the expertise and reliability of the VDE Institute, and often consider the following test requirements:
  • Energy efficiency testing and testing in accordance with European eco design (energy efficiency labeling directive 2010/30/EU, eco design directive -2009/125/EU)
  • Sound scattering test
  • VDE quality tags for usability testing and integrated product evaluation systems
  • Chemical environmental protection test and sanitary inspection etc.
  • Security authentication with VDE or VDE GS sign
  • EMC authentication with VDE mark
  • Functional safety and risk assessment, software evaluation, and so on
  • As well as the testing and energy efficiency labeling requirements required by different exporting countries, such as Australia, Brazil, mainland China and Hongkong, Singapore and the United states.
  • Overview of major product categories:
  • Clothes dryers, washing machines, dishwashers
  • Parts for washing equipment such as water inlet pipe, motor, etc.