VDE Certification
Data line

· Cable category:

• Over 5 types of network cable

• Class 6 cable / over 6 cable

• Class 7 cable / over 7 cable

 8 types of network cable

 CAN-Bus control system data bus / Interbus link bus /CC-Link bus /DeviceNet bus /FF bus /profibus network equipment process field bus /ProfiBus bus /firewire line for high-speed peripheral equipment connection system

• USB universal serial bus

As network applications become more and more popular in daily life, its security and reliability become more and more important. The premise of establishing a stable and reliable internet is that all the apparatus and components used in the creation must meet the requirements of high quality. The German VDE testing and Certification Institute provides independent testing and evaluation reports on data communications cables and plugs and other Internet components and provides a strong guarantee for this purpose.

VDE uses state-of-the-art high-frequency measurement techniques to detect symmetrical data cables. The measurement error due to impedance mismatch can be effectively avoided, so the test of balanced and unbalanced signal devices can be chosen.

VDE experts are able to provide strong technical support to customers during their R & D and promotion phases based on their extensive testing experience and the correct understanding of relevant standards.​

​· Test parameters:


 Near end / far end crosstalk

 Near end / far end crosstalk power and

 Attenuation - near end crosstalk ratio


 Return loss

 Propagation speed / propagation delay difference

 Longitudinal conversion loss

 Coupling attenuation

 Transfer impedance

 Shielding attenuation