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Wire and cable

· Types and applications of wire and cable

· Wire and cable

Wire and cable products play an important role in the field of power transmission and energy use, but also imply the potential risks to be controlled. For high voltage and high energy transmission, the safety and reliability of wires and cables are of particular concern. In the event of an accident, the health and safety of the user will be threatened immediately and the manufacturer's reputation will suffer. 

Therefore, whether as wire and cable manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers, and even on the wire and cable for processing, installation or use of the consumer, wire and cable products is to ensure the safety and quality of sign after VDE testing and Certification Institute and approved and certified by VDE. "High quality test of German quality", open convenient ways for cable products to enter the global terminal market, and to provide security for all parties. .​

Wire and cable for energy transfer
Wire and cable for signal and information transmission
Typical applications
Typical applications
Power supply system / Building Technology
Wires for equipment and equipment
Household Electric Appliances
Telecommunication network
Commercial equipment and equipment
Analog data and digital data transfer
Power transmission and distribution
Fiber signal transmission
Electrical heating
High-frequency technology
Electro-optical system

Service range excerpt

  professional support on the consistency of electronic products with laws and regulations

• certificate of wire and cable issued in accordance with national and international standards

• review the special line certificate issued by the factory for qualification declaration -VDE-REG.-No

• issue CB certificates and CCA test reports that can be used to apply for other national certificates

• materials and special tests

• conduct and implement factory Reviews

• inspection during product development and manufacturing

• support for long-term evaluation of medium voltage cables

• wire and cable management system and assembly process testing

• spot inspection / pre shipment inspection

• ensure product quality through plant quality control


· Range of services for wire and cable products

The wire and cable testing carried out by our professional laboratory follows the requirements of both domestic and international standards and is highly recognized both at home and internationally. In addition, we can provide testing services to our products during the R & D process. At the same time, we are also testing institutions for long-term reliability assessment and approval of insulating materials. Since 1974, we have become an authorized member of the HAR organization in germany.

Electric vehicle
Railway signalling system
Mechanical performance test and thermal test

• Ageing test of insulating materials

Long term high temperature performance testing of insulating materials

• Low temperature test at -70 degrees C

• Qu Rao test

Mechanical performance test and thermal test

 Combustion tests based on VDE, EN, IEC standards and European Union building product regulations

 Ozone resistance test

• Air, oil and oxygen aging test

• Smoke corrosion in fires and assessment of smoke acidity

• determination of halogens

• declaration of material performance (evaluated according to RoHS directive and registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals)

• UV testing

 Toxicity test

Mechanical performance test and thermal test

 DC voltage test to as high as 420 thousand volts

• AC voltage test up to 300 thousand volts

• Pulse test as high as 420 thousand volts (e.g., 1.2/50, s)

High frequency transmission performance measurement

• EMC testing

• Resistance test