VDE Certification

Major test items

VDE Suzhou laboratory - accredited qualification

• Chemical and environmental testing

• Aging test

• Moisture test

• Oil resistant

• Acid resistant

• Thermal stability test

• Hot wire test

• Thermal extension test

• Low temperature impact test

• Mechanical and thermal tests

• Temperature rise test

• Segment capacity and normal operation test

• Expansion strength and fracture elongation test

• Wear test

• Bend test

• Torque test

• Roller drop test

• Electrical performance test

  Insulation resistance test

• Insulation refers to resistance coefficient test

• Pressure test

• Conductor resistance test

• rated power

• Pulse voltage test

VDE Suzhou Labs - Profiles

VDE rooted in the Chinese market, in order to better serve the majority of Chinese customers, through the VDE Institute and local approval authority, VDE Suzhou laboratory was formally established in 2012. VDE Suzhou laboratory in strict accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17025, to provide testing and technical services.

Power plugs, appliance couplers are connected to the key components of household appliances, its product quality, performance material for the prevention of fire, reduce the loss have played  a decisive role.  Small plugs, socket quality is not good, is an important cause of electrical fires, and will lead a serious physical and property safety hazards to the vast number of consumers. The current market demands more and more power plugs and appliance couplers .China has become a important producer and exporter in power plug, appliance coupler products field. VDE security certification mark is regarded as a symbol of quality, and enjoying a high reputation in international. Deserving many importers and exporters recognize and trust.