Audit and Inspection​

To ensure your potential supplier can reach your social and quality requirements, VDE is also offering quality benchmark audit, customized clients questionnaire audits and social accountability audits (SA8000/BSCI).

1.Quality Benchmark Audit

The quality benchmark audit is a major process to find and evaluate the best supplier. Our experienced auditors highlight the essential improvements before the start of the production.  The major key points of a factory audit are the following:

- Management responsibility and quality assurance

- Document center

- Incoming and Outgoing Control

- Process control

- Production

- Reliability testing

- Corrective action and customer complaints

- Training of employees

- Social accountability

- Production process and machiner

2.Social Compliance Audit

The aspect of a social audit ensures that your supplier is working according the local rules and regulations as well as minimum international standards.  Through these audits we improve and determine the safety, health and wealth of the workers. The most important checkpoints of a social compliance audit are:

- Child and forced labor

- Safety and health

- Working hours according the law

- Correct salary, benefits and compensation for overtime hours

3.Customized Client Audits

Every client has different products and different expectations to their supplier, this is why VDE creates customized questionnaire for the audits and is able to use client format and client questionnaire.

Some questionnaires are built for a specific products or a special production process and added to the factory benchmark audit. Example for customized questionnaires topics are:

- Bonding (SMTA & IMI)

- Soldering touch up (ICT/FCT)


- Cell manufacturing

- String and lamination process

- Fridge manufacturing and testing

- Low power wire harness

- Data security

- Paint shop

- Plastic injection / die casting

- Textile production process and machinery

- And many more